A Complete Guide to Fitting a Heated Towel Rail

Surprisingly, electric towel rail installation is one of the very affordable luxuries you can add to your bathroom. Knowing that there is a warm towel waiting for you to wrap yourself in after a bath in the winter is a beam of hope.

Having a warm towel has become so pleasing an idea for many people that they even stuff up their dryer with a towel to warm it up. Aside from the fact that this is not so convenient, it can also take away your smile when you look at your energy bills.

With a heated towel rail, you can have your towel-dried in between use. This article will help you fit in your heated towel rail properly into your bathroom.

Types of heated towel rails

There are three types of heated rails for towels. They are:

  • The plugin heated towel rails 
  • The hydronic towel rail
  • Hard wired towel rails

What you need for the installation

You will need the following tools for the installation of the heated towel rails:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Allen key 
  • Hammer, 
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • adjustable spanner
  • grips
  • masonry bit
  • Crews
  • Rule plugs
  • spirit level
  • PTFE tape
  • Straight or angle grab through a valve

 Installation tips for heated towel rails based on types

  • Plugin towel rails

These electrically heated towel rails are to be plugged into a wall outlet. To install it:

a. Choose a location close to the wall outlet and find the studs on the wall with a stud finder. Things stay on the wall better when they are secured to the studs of a wall. You can use toggle bolts with wings that will spread in the wall if the studs are not well located.

b. Test the wire of the rails to ensure it will reach the outlet.

c. Mark the spots for your support anchors on the wall. There should be four spots since there are four support anchors on a heated towel rail. Read the instructions for your rails and mark the marks according to the location of your support anchors. Ensure the marks are on the same height from the ground to prevent the rails from being lopsided.

d. Using a drill, create holes on the spot. Make the holes a bit larger by wiggling the drill up and down.

e. Hang the drill according to the rails according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Installing a hydronic towel rail

You will find it easy to fit your hydronic towel rail if you use it as a substitute for your old radiator.

1. Find your radiator supply and find the return lines. If you have removed the radiator before, you will notice the copper pipe popping out of the wall or floor. They will be linked to your new heated towel rails.

2. Measure the distance (horizontal and vertical) between the copper pipe you found and your towel rail’s supply and return lines. The number you derive from this will determine if you will need an extra copper pipe to connect the parts.

3. According to the manufacturer’s instruction, place the rail on the wall

4. Link the copper pipe and your rail’s supply and return lines. Solder the pipes together if need be.

Hard wired heated towel rails

You can hardwire your heated towel rails into the electricity of the bathroom. This is an excellent option if you do not have a radiator in your bathroom.

This kind should not be installed by the homeowner. Since electric current is dangerous, it is best fitted by a professional.


Fitting an electric towel rail in bathroom is pretty straightforward except the one that needs a professional. Now you are done, enjoy your warm towels and consistent drying of your towels in between use. If you need a professional, call our electrician in London today.

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