Top 5 Kitchen herbs that can be grown at home

If you are a nature lover then definitely we both connect because I am too. And trust me how much you want to have a beautiful garden full of flowers. I also want that but I often think that those flowers are just sitting there and I'm hardly able to use them 3 or 4 times a year. Now just think if you can use the same flowers in little quantities and add more herbs in your garden because these can be used in your daily cooking and based on your requirement you can grow them as much as you want. Wouldn't it be amazing that you would have something chemical-free around you don't have to pay too much for it, like $10 is a sufficient amount to grow all these things? Just imagine how happy your friends and family would be that you are finally changing your habits of eating outside to eating healthy and you will understand the taste of home-cooked food is far better than that of restaurants. And these can be grown at home and given as a gift to your friends and family members. Flower Delivery in Mumbai will deliver all the plants and herbs that you are looking for along with the flowers. 

1) Mint 

Mints are one of the easiest plants to be grown at home. Amazing for making mojito, lemonade, and even added while cooking several Indian dishes. The best part is that doesn't require too much care while growing but never do the mistake of growing at in a plane area rather grow it in a flat pot because it is an invasive plant and if you grow it and directly in the soil it is going to take over all of your gardens so you will have to avoid that at any given cost. Next time when you attend a friend's birthday and think of giving her birthday flowers, give her a birthday mint.  Or you can make ice-cream out of these leaves and give her. 

2) Holy Basil 

Holy basil is popularly known in India recently quality basil has been considered a very useful plant. It's widely used in Italian cooking and Indian tea. In Italian cooking, it is used for pizza, pesto, salad, and sauces. It helps balance low blood sugar in the body. And the best part is that it doesn't invite too many diseases except then when it catches anything from outside, it's best to use neem seed oil. And it can also be sent along with happy birthday flowers to your near and dear ones. 

3) Coriander 

We use coriander in almost all kinds of vegetables. It's great for seasoning salad and to just add in your smoothies to just fresh up the taste of last night’s leftover food. Coriander can be added in everything you make. India uses daily vegetables. The plant thrives well during the winter season, and you can easily grow it in a pot alongside spinach and tomatoes. Since you have always sent cake to Bangalore, it's time to add some fresh coriander leaves alongside flowers. 

4) Chamomile 

As of now, we all love drinking chamomile tea. And it's the best herbal tea in the United States and Europe and can be consumed at any time. For thousands of years, chamomile has been used as an herb to reduce inflammation, cure fever, settling the stomach, etc. There are two types of chamomile German and Roman. Though roman chamomile is perennial German grows higher and thrives better. So next time try to send chamomile along with online cake n flower delivery in Bangalore. 

5) Lavender 

Lavender is very fondly used in kitchens, it's a spice, particularly for salad and dressing. The United States makes lavender scones and marshmallows. It is you can consume lavender tea during bad headaches, insect bites, other herbal and aromatherapy use. So when you send cakes and flowers to Bangalore, use your homegrown lavenders as a gift. Lavender has a sweet taste and it will survive well in all kinds of growing conditions but they turn out to be the best when the soil is well-drained, and the sun is shining well. 

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