Top 10 E-commerce Website Designs for 2020

What pulls customers to an E-commerce store?

Yeah, sure there are many aspects including content, graphics, images, information, security, user experience and much more.

However, if we look at the users’ trend nowadays, we get to know that users’ take no more than a few seconds to decide if they want to purchase from an eCommerce platform or not.

But, how did they assess the credibility of a website in a few seconds?

Surely, they can’t go through the content, information or products on offer at your eCommerce store in a few seconds.

Rather, the first and the most important aspect from the users’ perspective is the website layout and graphics.

As soon as a user lands on your website, he will have a brief overlook at the appearance of the website and immediately assess if he wants to go on or switch to another side.

And unfortunately, most eCommerce development lacks this one important aspect that directly influences the overall sales and revenue for the store.

Ever heard of “User Experience”, that’s exactly what the users are looking for in any eCommerce design they visit.

So, next time around when you are designing an eCommerce store, consider integrated latest website trends and maximize user experience to get more conversions.

Below, we have a line-up of some of the best eCommerce website designs in 2020 to help you get some inspiration for your store.

1. New York Times Store

The New York Times Store is definitely the top contender as the best example of eCommerce development. The entire design of the store revolves around the legacy of the New York Times, as one of the premium American newspapers.

The store comes with plenty of breathing spaces, minimal cluttering and a simple yet elegant appeal that engages the users and delivers all the relevant information, offering a seamless journey for users. So, here’s the success recipe for the New York Times Store; minimal cluttering, elegant design, seamless navigation, and attractive graphics.

2. Rebecca Atwood Store

Next in line, we have a contemporary and highly innovative eCommerce website design from Rebecca Atwood. The moment you land on the website, you will be hooked with a brilliant strategy of content delivery, which we believe remains the secret to success for Rebecca Atwood.

The complete feel of the website is utterly different from the traditional eCommerce store. You won’t find endless categories of products with flashy discount banners. The website rather gives a transparent, persuasive and clean vibe, which makes the entire browsing experience pleasurable and laid back, so you won’t feel like someone is desperate to get your credit card number.

3. Owl

Ok, let us admit that Owl was no less than a surprising website for us as the top eCommerce website design contender.

Just imagine, when was the last time you actually enjoyed buying a pair of spectacles. Yeah, it has always been a boring and dull experience for most of us. Nonetheless, Owl has been able to completely evolve the spectacle purchasing experience, making it an adventurous and engaging experience that will pull you back every time you need to buy the next spectacles.

The secret to the great design for Owl lies in its graphics. The designers have intelligently used high-definition images of real people wearing the glasses, so you have a better understanding of what will look good on you. Overall, it carried all the right vibes of a great eCommerce website design including minimal cluttering, minimalist approach, simple design and plenty of breathing space (white spaces).

4. Bon Bon Bon.

Bon Bon Bon is yet another spectacular example of how an intelligent eCommerce website design can help businesses expand into newer markets and create an utterly new brand. The company is a Detroit, USA based artisan chocolate company, and in its bet to expand from brick-and-mortar stores to the online industry, it has successfully created a completely customized and aesthetically pleasing website to engage online customers.

The company has come up with a rather funky and user-friendly responsive website, which actually relates to the spirit of Bon Bon Bon, thus essentially sealing the deal for them. Another great feature that we find over the website is “Build a Box Box Box”. This feature essentially enables users to choose their preferred confections, choose the corrugated cardboard box and order delivery to anywhere they want, pretty intelligent!

5. Baron Fig

The next in our list of best eCommerce development efforts is a website that has done complete justice to its branding efforts and made a clear point that intelligent use of graphics can bring in plenty of recognition and traffic for the brand.

The Baron Fig website is made up of lots of innovative elements along with some impressive use of quotations that do complete justice with the brands’ values and philosophy. The designers have not shied away to use vivid colors and vibrant elements to make it stand out amongst the competition. If you are looking for a lively and engaging eCommerce website design, do check out this amazing platform to get some incredible inspiration.

6. Beacon

The website design adapted by Beacon is simply intelligent. Imagine how would a website for colorful poster designing appear and now imagine how it would appear if it is converted into an eCommerce store.

What’s even more impressive that Beacon is a project aimed for “Posters for good”, which means that all purchases from the print or donations are processed to Direct Relief to fight against natural disaster relief efforts. The website is a great arrangement of intuitive design, vibrant colors and generous appeal that simply gives a welcoming and warm gesture to users.

7. Storm Watch

One look at the Storm Watch e-commerce portal and we are convinced of the ingenuity and intelligence that goes behind the website’s design. They have simply excelled to present their products with stunning graphic designs and enchanting appeal. While the company is known for its high-quality products, the website takes it a step further making it a whole different experience for online shipping. Check out this innovative e-commerce development effort to be impressed and inspired by the creativity of the design.

8. The Mountain.

The Mountain is yet another impressive eCommerce development effort that brings an interactive and easy to navigate interface for users. What gives the website an explicit appeal is how the designers are able to insert a sense of urgency for users intelligently using key coupon codes.

It undoubtedly a great contender if you are looking to develop a website with plenty of coupons and discounts for users to avail of.

9. Skullcandy.

What brings this site to life is the efficient use of vivid colors and exceptional product photography. The designers were able to bring in the users’ consideration into effect by delivering exclusive high-quality product images and blending them perfectly with vibrant colors, making it an exquisite experience to shop from the platform.

10. Roc

Making it to our list of top 10 eCommerce website designs for 2020, Roc is no less an inspiration for young eCommerce developers looking to get creative with their design. The overall design gives rather a busy vibe, which may seem a little overwhelming at first sight. However, it’s an intelligent design that is purposely made to depict the ethos of the brand. The high-quality imagery and an upbeat feel give the website the attraction to hook users and motivate them to use wireless headphones (that’s their product).


Have you got your inspiration?

See, one element that is common across all these inspirational eCommerce development projects is the fact that they relate completely to their brand ethos and offer a seamless browsing experience to engage and convert users.

So, check out these amazing eCommerce website designs and we are sure that you will get the right inspiration for your platform.

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