What is a Hair Serum? How to use it?

Serums have become a serial need in our day to day life. They make our life easier for managing a bad hair day and also making our hair look salon and magazine-like almost always. Serums are a great addition which help our hair feel light, silky and easy to detangle.

So, what is a serum?

Serums are silicone-based products which doesn’t penetrate into your hair, like a normal hair oil. It only creates a layer on your hair to give it shine and sheen. Serums help reduce hair loss, make hair stronger and also when you comb it helps in detangling so less hair fall. The best part of a serum is that doesn’t alter or change your hair’s basic structure. Paul Mitchell skinny serum is a great serum, which allows your hair to be safe and your roots to be repaired from damage.

Serums are also a great heat protectant for your hair. You can curl your hair using the ghd curve creative curl wand. Serums are also great for you if you have frizzy hair. Serum is great because it bounces off light and makes your hair look sleeker and healthier. It helps the hair be protected from sun damage, pollutants, and many harmful chemicals. And most importantly hair serum is great to make damaged hair, coloured or otherwise seem smoother and helps the hair mend better.



Find a product that suits your hair. There are many products which have several ingredients. That maybe suitable for your hair. Some serums may not work for you, some may, sometimes even a combination of serums might work on your hair.

To find the best product for your hair. You will have to use different products and experiment, that will let you know what works for you and what doesn’t. You can always style your hair after applying Paul Mitchell skinny cream and use ghd products to style your hair.


Wash hair thoroughly. Unlike hair mousse and hair sprays, serums are applied on washed and conditioned hair. This is because serum helps the hair in growing. Its nourishment for your hair. It allows your hair to be styled and nourished at the same time. It also protects your hair from dirt and grime. Putting it on unwashed hair would be futile.

In most events, brands make a line of products that have the shampoo, conditioner and the serum which complement each other.

If you aren’t sure of what serum to use, it is advisable that you choose that line of products which has all three, shampoo, conditioner and serum which complements one another so that you have a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t


How much serum to apply depends on your hair length and also how damaged or silky your hair is. The way to apply is that you take about a dime sized quantity and flip your hair. Gentky rub your palms together and slowly massage into your tips and work your way up. Serums work best on split ends. It is always recommended that you apply serum on just washed hair. You can always flip your hair back and apply on your scalp, but do not put serum on your scalp if it is oily. You can put a finishing touch by applying a few drops into your hair and then combing it.


Once your serum is applied, you have combed your hair then you make sure you blow dry your hair, because wet hair attracts more dirt and grime as compared to dry. And the whole purpose of you putting serum will be defeated. So, no need to do a salon job, but dry your hair, using a low setting is also fine.

So, go ahead and buy yourself a serum that works for your hair and your styling needs. You can always explore and understand what works best for you. You can find an array of serums and hair styling products on cosmetize and enjoy your hair being silk, smooth, shiny and most of all healthier. Don’t delay it!

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