Ways to secure your Precious product like jewelry

How to secure jewelry and other precious items in homes?

All of us have some precious items in our homes. It could be antiques, jewelry, paintings, smart phones, laptops, electronics, etc. So, all of us face a common threat and that is of loss or damage to our valuable asset. If we want to ensure the security of our valuables then we should be vigilant and smart in handling and keeping these items in our homes. For your reference, here we have listed a few wise steps which anyone living in Ireland can adopt to safeguard his precious possessions:

Storing: While storing cash and jewelry, one can hide them at unusual places like in a fake book in your bookshelf, in an old empty container in the kitchen, underground in the house garden, in the old socks in your sock drawer, in the old cupboard in your storeroom or any other creative place. Hiding the prized possessions in such unique places is beneficial because a burglar would never imagine it even if he breaks into your house. Furthermore, to protect your valuables like jewelry from damage while storing at home or while traveling, you can store your jewelry in a hard-sided case or dare string pouch, jewelry-roll or any such appropriate packing so that they do not entangle and break, else the damage can cost you hefty. Careful handling of electronics, smart phones, laptops, etc. is also recommended so that no damage occurs due to an accidental fall or other reasons.

Banks: It is advisable to keep the least required cash and jewelry at home on regular days and safely deposit them in your bank account or locker. Taking them out as and when needed is easier rather than handling the risk of keeping them at home all the time.

Install Security Equipment: Installing security equipment like cameras, alarms, movement sensors, etc. can prove very useful to timely raise an alarm when any suspicious activity is detected. The burglars also stay away from the homes with security equipment because camera footage is a good proof of the theft and with its help burglars can be caught.

Ways to discard empty boxes of valuables: You should wisely discard the empty boxes of jewelry, electronics or other valuable items that you purchased recently such that they are not recognizable or do not lie in the open. Else, the burglars find your home a tempting target just by looking in the garbage bin of your house.

Unoccupied house information: There are instances when your house remains unoccupied for a few days or months due to your vacation plans or transfer to another place for some time.  As another step for keeping precious items safe in your house, you should never leak the information to anyone except for one or two trustworthy neighbors or relatives. If your child or any other family member boasts off the vacation or occupancy status of the house then the words can get into the ears of thieves who will undoubtedly take advantage of the situation. However, quietly informing a trustworthy neighbor or relative could be of help when you are away as they can clear your mails or take care of the cleaning of the garden or keep an eye for the safety of your house, etc. Such help from them would eliminate the signs which can indicate the burglars that the house is currently unoccupied.

Cover accidental damage: Under your home insurance Ireland policy, seek cover for jewelry or other precious items kept in your home. When you buy such extensive coverage in a house insurance policy from an established home insurance provider then you can rest assured about the security of your house and valuables inside. A house insurance Ireland gives monetary support if any of the covered valuables are lost or stolen. Additionally, you can also go for repair or replacement of a valuable like jewelry, antiques or electronics if you have insured the item in your home insurance policy.

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