The Power of Testimonial Content to Skyrocket Your Sales

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. Yup, we don't disagree with this quote. Testimonials look trivial, but this is essential yet effective to boost your sales.

Running an online business with a website or social media channels, you should have testimonial content. Why? Because people tend to trust your brand by looking at the testimonial.

Whatever product or service you sell, you should include testimonials from customers. With testimonials, your brand will have credibility. You are also easily trusted by new customers so that sales can increase.

As if we search through Google, testimonials are comments, suggestions, or opinions given by someone about something—people, products, companies, organizations, etc. from their points of view and usually tone of praise.

The testimonial is indeed usually positive, but it doesn't rule out there are also harmful or bad testimonials that you must avoid because it will damage the image of your product, service, and brand.

What if your business is new and you don't have testimonial content yet? How do you have reasonable and positive testimonials?

Here are some tips on maintaining testimonial content to skyrocket your sales.

1. Quality Is The King

The initial step that is mandatory for business owners or businesses with small capital or even large ones is to ensure that the products or services are in good quality. If your product is mediocre, we can be sure that the testimonials you get from customers are also standard.

Customers will be willing to spend money to buy your products to get what you have said and what they have agreed on in the perception of your product. For this reason, if there is a match between perception and reality about the product you are selling, they won't be half-hearted to give good testimonials.

Have you ever heard word-of-mouth? It's a testimonial that is not directly conveyed to you as a seller but straight to colleagues or the environment that has the potential to become your potential new customers. So, please pay attention to the quality of your product or service before you dare to sell it.

2. Instill More Value By Communicating With Customers

Furthermore, the way you deliver a message is very influential with the testimonials that you get. Network your customers to be able to assess your product so that it will provide real testimonials.

You can start with a quick and friendly response, excellent and polite service. Mainly, for those of you who have an online business, you should provide additional value in communicating or serving customers.

For example, informing the receipt number before the customer doesn't request it, offering more services such as tracking and warranty assistance, then ask the customer whether the product is sent according to order or how.

If you do this case, your customers won't hesitate to give positive testimonials to you. You can also ask for their testimonials and don't forget to suggest them to buy products or use your services again in the future so that they will become a loyal customer.

3. Make Honest Testimonials

How can you get a customers' testimonial? Well, you can ask them via chat, email, or ask them to record a video about their experiences with your brand.

After you get a testimonial from a customer, you can capture a chat and design it to be posted on the social media channel that you use to sell. You can create a testimonial video content and then upload it on your website or YouTube.

It's better if you have proper testimonial content. If you're selling services, you can tell the process before dealing with the clients. Write it on a landing page and mention what your client's opinion after the project is done.

Besides, you can also make your testimonials by photographing proof of delivery, receipts, packing activities, and your store activities, displaying your product stock and photographing it from various sides, and others.

Make honest and trusted testimonials that are not artificial, natural, without engineering. Every photo or picture that you use for testimonials must include your signature or watermark or unique design. Because nowadays, testimonials can be stolen, so you don't fool customers with fake testimonials.

Publish or post your testimonial content on your site or social media. See the power of testimonials, because your customers can't touch or see the product you are selling directly. So, don't underestimate the power of testimonials.

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