5 Best Ways To Become A Magento Developer

Magento is known to be a platform of open source is commonly used for E-commerce. The core feature of the platform is that it is very flexible and becomes a go-to-go platform for building up various E-commerce stores.

Becoming a Magento developer is a great career option, and currently, there is a huge demand for Magento developers in the town. This entire job profile has several benefits attached to it, and here are the 5 best ways to become a Magento Developer:

Be Sure with the Basics

The first step towards learning to become a Magento Developer is to understand the basics and build a strong foundation. Magento, no doubt, is a complex open platform source, and one needs to go deep enough to understand it effectively. The developer initially should know how to do coding with different languages such as CSS, HTML, JQuery frameworks, JavaScript, etc. One must also try and master the PHP language, mainly the PHP 5.6-7, if you have any intention to work with Magento 2 in the future.

The web developer shall also be very familiar with MVC architecture and modular development rules. MySQL is indeed again very vital to solving the many severe problems. Another technique, which is the Cache technique (Zend), is also critical. Apart from these programming languages, it is also essential to have a primary-hand on Search Engine Optimization. For all the E-commerce platforms, it is necessary to drive sales by generating organic traffic.

Next, correctly understand the theoretical part of how exactly does the Magento works, and you have sailed through the foundation part.

Learn the Working of Magento

Learning how Magento development works is another effective way that brings you one step closer to becoming a Magento developer. There can be no other practical way to master how Magento works, other than to actually download and then give a test install version of Magento and then starting how to use it. Now is the time to get your hands on it. Go through the entire admin properly and different how-to things such as shipping, pricing, shopping cart rules, etc.

There is a Magento official documentation that helps you can go through to learn the essential components and features of Magento. One should invest a considerable amount of time reading through it thoroughly. While you read through, one should always practice along with it to get a good hang on it. In case you tend to lose track and get lost during the line, there are multiple channels where you can take help from such as Stack Exchange, Magento forums, Quora, Reddit, etc.

This is just another way to actually read and learn along, which is the most effective way to learn anything from the basics.

Enroll in Various Magento Courses

If you are someone who already has a good knowledge of the multiple programming languages and have a basic idea about the overall working of Magento, then it is time to accelerate your journey by enrolling yourself in the various Magento online courses. In this step, you can learn the customization part of the front, which is crucial. You will also indulge in leaning some very innovative and creative things about Magento such as:
  • Extension Buildings
  • Best Magento Practices
Another way is to go through the various YouTube channels where there are experts who, in-depth, teach about Magento. The advantage of learning through YouTube is, you can simultaneously practice and get your basics and advanced level secure. Adding on, these YouTube channels are free of cost, and all you need to do is to subscribe to them and be regular with them. Some of the famous YouTube channels which one cannot ignore are:
  • Ask Me Anything Show
  • Magento Dev Channel
Catch Hold of Freelancing

As it is always said, ‘Practice Makes a Man Perfect.’ Now that you know the theoretical part very well, it’s time to put all of that knowledge into the practical part and apply whatever you have learned so far. Get your hands on a few simple projects, and initially don’t go over with the pricing, charge a decent amount. There are many Magento Developer companies out there, and you can contact any one of them to work as a freelance and gain practical knowledge about the same.

This way, you will get enough room to try and test whatever you have learned and put all your knowledge into action. Through freelancing, you can ever make minor mistakes as only through these mistakes; you can move towards perfection. Moreover, if in your career you in to be a Magento Developer, then there is no better way than freelancing to start building up your contacts. You never know which project might lead you to your dream job.

Take Magento Certification Courses

Although earlier in the blog, we have mentioned the various online training, those were to enhance your skill. For official documentation and Resume, one needs to take a few Magento courses for official certifications. This will help you providing lexical knowledge and vast experience about Magento development. This will give you a plethora of opportunities to perform the various Magento development tasks, which will eventually make you very proficient with the software. Also, certificates act as official validations to show that you do understand Magento and its best practices.

To work with various Magento websites, you would need these certifications to show your mettle. To become a pro with Magento, one needs to pass the two professional certifications of the developers with Magento 2. This will also include the experience you have gained while working on real-life Magento 2 projects.

Moreover, multiple Magento events take place in the town, and you should make sure to attend a few of them. It is always good to meet people from whom you can learn a lot. Exchanging ideas and thoughts with the Magento developer India will eventually lead you to know even more insights and will enhance your skills.

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