Yahoo Mail – One of the best in the previous days

Yahoo Mail is an American email address provider which not only provides emails for free but also offers a lot of inbox storage, good security, fast upload times and a convenient mobile app making email easily accessible.

One of the best things about Yahoo mail is that it offers a lot of inbox storage, good security, Fast upload times and a top-class mobile app. One of the biggest drawbacks of Yahoo mail is the number of ads users are bombarded with in the inbox. Despite this, it is still a good choice when it comes to making an email address.

Setting up a Yahoo mail account

Setting up the Yahoo mail account is not as difficult as many perceive. Though it does ask for a valid mobile number to use as a valid security step especially if the password reset is needed. The main issues lie in the ads that clutters the inbox. This makes it quite hard to find the needed tools to send and receive the messages.

The Yahoo mail app is among the easiest to figure out because inbox ads were not there.

Yahoo helps users import their social media contacts directly and with relative ease. On other email services providers, this was not so easy. Yahoo Mail also automatically records new contact information whenever users send or receive a message from someone for the first time.

It can also act as a smart mail collector, where users can direct their messages from other email accounts directly into their Yahoo mail inboxes. Users can also create alias accounts, which can help protect their identity when they need to provide an email address to a company or subscription service.

Yahoo mail translator

Yahoo Mail includes a message translator which is composed as a part of its free email services. Yahoo users can use it to translate email in English when they are written in languages other than English. Yahoo also fared better than Gmail and Outlook a decade ago.

Composition Tools

In previous tests, it took just a moment to figure out the process for writing new email messages. All composition tools; like the font size and style, indentions, bullets, are located at the bottom of the composing panel and it was unusual for an email provider for its time.

All the present tools worked well during that test. Each message that was started got saved as a draft on its own. It had also saved attachments users uploaded to the drafts.

Yahoo mail has a conversation view in its email conversation tool. Users can see all the messages between them and a single other person in chronological order without the need for opening each message in the thread.

Another great feature of Yahoo mail email conversation is the auto reply. It helps users create a message that can be sent to anyone who emails them while they are on leave, cannot reply or are out of town.

In previous tests, images were uploaded to outgoing messages. The process was neither difficult nor did it take any time for them to upload. Though multiple files can be uploaded at once, limit for attachments in email is 25 MB. This is the standard for all free email services. The same can be done using both desktop website and mobile.

One advantage of using Yahoo’s free email service is that users can attach or share files that can be saved to any cloud storage program; among them being Dropbox and Google Drive “How to Change Password on Yahoo Mail”.

The Yahoo password gives users access to every Yahoo service they are registered to (and use). It is always a good idea to update passwords timely and ensuring they are unique from others’ passwords (as well as from those the users’ use). In case they forget a password, they can reset it easily for a fresh start.

Changing passwords from a computer/mobile web browser

  • Sign into the Yahoo account security page.
  • Click on change password.
  • Enter the new one.
  • Then click on continue

Changing Password on Yahoo mobile app.

  • Tap the menu icon.
  • If using mail app, tap manage accounts.
  • Tap account info and then security settings.
  • Then enter the security code.
  • Tap change password then I would rather change my password.
  • Enter the new password and its confirmation and tap continue.

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