6 super easy ways to prevent plumbing emergencies

The plumbing emergencies can get very expensive when you have no clue of what is wrong with your home appliances and how you have to take steps. The plumbing emergencies like clogging or garbage disposal can be from mild to moderate and both of them need equal attention for that you should call the garbage disposal plumbing services to have a look at it. Some ignorance won’t affect much but it might have a severe impact on the future. If you live in Battersea and are stuck in the middle of a plumbing emergency, you can easily get an emergency Ellenbrook plumber who works for you 24*7.

There are certain things we know what wrong we are doing to them. Like if you put the wrong thing in a garbage disposal, you can create a plumbing emergency. It can either stop your sink or it can go further down the line and create other issues and problems that may be stopped up your entire house. Another thing that can lead plumbing emergencies, if you have got old cast iron pipes and you’re using baby wipes and flushing them down the toilet, they can cause a big mess. Similarly all the plumbing emergencies can be handled by the homeowner if they have an adequate knowledge on what they are up to. 

Avoid pouring grease down the sink

If you are frustrated with your kitchen sink problem, don’t worry, it's quite common and natural to happen. Kitchen is the only place in your home which comes in frequent use. Hence, it’s quite obvious that you may have forgotten a lot of basic caring rules while working in your sink. Kitchen sink problems are unending and it should be fixed with proper guidelines. If you call in a plumber and throw the work on them, you will unnecessarily waste huge bucks on nothing.

When you face with troubles like kitchen sinking, you must try to solve the pooling water with a plunger. While dislodging the clog, you must check if you have enough standing water in the sink so that when you work with the plunger, the up and down movement must force the water back to the pipe. Grab a common household plumber. If you have a double sink, make sure to seal off the second side with a wet cloth or a stopper.

Clogging happens because of your fault

This should not be denied that half of our plumbing problems are caused just because we ignore some basic things that should not be done despite of knowing what harmful consequences it can have. Toilet is not meant for flushing anything! Only flush water and toilet paper products. Now that doesn't necessarily mean that you should throw the paper as much as you want. Papers with times can clog the drain easily.

You need to see the type of toilet paper you are using. There are a lot of varieties of toilet paper in the market. The thicker the toilet paper would be, the easier it would be flush. But also keep this in mind that thicker toilet paper can clog the drain over time. Make sure that you don’t throw any paper towels or flushable products as they don’t break down and thus can remain there in the clogging form.

Using exposed pipes as clothing racks

Most of the homeowners love to utilise everything that they get in touch with. The exposed pipes in basement area has become a utility item for hanging wet clothes. This is a super dangerous thing to do and can lead to burst your pipe. Prefer using the actual hangers for your wet clothes instead of making some DIY hacks with the exposed pipes.

Abstain from drop in cleaners

Drop in agents can be very good source for cleaning toilets but this method can also damage pipes. When your toilet is exposed with constant chemical substances, it can spoil all the pipes that connects your toilet system. Cleaning toilet with drop in cleaners are the easiest way one can find to clean their toilets on a regular basis but this process can actually harm your toilet rather than doing good.

Stainless washer hoses

Check out if your washing machine has a stainless washer hose. A lot of homeowners have complained regarding the bursting of the pipes which happens when you have a rubber hose. These types of rubber hoses are meant to burst since a long time period. Always use a stainless braided hose to avoid any further accidents.

The disposal issue

This is a common issue in most cases of stoppage. We tend to throw many disposals and leftovers onto the sink with the plate. These leftovers, with times, gets stuck in the walls of the sink pipe and thus creates problem in later life. Make sure to remove all the leftovers or food particles from the sink by flipping the switch on the side or bottom of the unit underneath the sink.

These types of plumbing emergencies are quite normal to happen. If you are well aware of taking the right steps at times of atrocity, you can save the life of your family and home. But keep this in mind that when you are at the worst time of your plumbing emergencies, you can find plumber battersea to help you out.

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