4 Best Pub Crawl Apps in 2019

In this present era, you can find anything and everything through the internet. Although there are many questions on pub crawl apps, what are the best pub crawl apps for iPhone?

Are these app worth downloading? These common questions arise when you arrive in London. Go through this small piece of information to clear all such doubts. These apps give you a lot of information about the pubs you must visit.

#1 Pubrally

This app is available on iOS Apple store, it is a great app for anyone who would like to join or start a pub crawl in the town.

This app lets you create your own crawl creator and map out your whole route, you can even join the on progress one. You can make your crawl private and invite friends at any time or leave it public to make new ones. Pub crawl culture is emerging in the city and drawing millions of glass raising fans towards it. This is the perfect time to go digital. Be it a private crawl with close friends or a monster public crawl with thousand miles away relatives and a good app for that is PubRally that it is loaded with fun.

It is recommended for iOS 7.0 or later versions, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

#2 HopPlotter

HopPlotter app is freely available in the Apple store and Google Play store. This app is your one-stop guide for locating and visiting craft breweries near you. This app allows you to explore new taprooms, brewpubs, brewery tours and more around the world. This app lets you check the breweries that are open right now and locates that brewery from your current location. It collects data from various sources every day to be updated as much as possible.

With more than 7000++ breweries and still counting on the list worldwide, this app is best pub crawl apps for iPhone

  • This app allows you to use the current location to locate breweries near you immediately
  • Options such as filter search is available to find what you are looking for instantly
  • This app provides you the detailed information of breweries, such as address, hours and contact info at one place.
  • Brewery visits, brewery tours and trips-plan all of these with planning feature
  • This app lets you know what beers each brewery is known for and what people have to say about it.
  • Check out each brewery's latest FB events, posts and tweets directly from the app
  • This app requires iOS 9.0 and higher versions and works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


#3 London Pub Crawls

This app is available in the Apple store. It covers over 7000 pubs in London, the famous London Pub Crawl Company app brings you the best pubs in the pub capital of the world.The app was designed and developed by Appenism, this app will lead you to the best 4pubs near you. With all its special features it is definitely the best pub crawl app for iPhone.

  • This app provides a map showing all the 40 pub walks/ crawls in London, it will also hold the list of 160 quality pubs.
  • Each crawl details contains: Distance to walk, Best time of the day and week to do, Start and end tube stations
  • This app displays 4 pubs per pub crawl in an area so that the user gets to experience the various English pubs
  • This app also has a feature of the Google map displaying the four pubs on the chosen walk/crawl and it also lets you know in what order to visit the Pubs.
  • This app provides the user with a very handy offline maps, displaying the four pubs on the chosen walk/crawl. Just in case if you offline or have any network problem, your handy office maps will help you.
  • Detailed information on each pub is available, such as picture, address, phone number, website and comments about the pub, nearby Tube station and next pub on the walk/crawl.
  • There is also a feature where you can send pub details and info to your friends via email, FB, Twitter or SMS.
  • You can even browse and search for pubs by the pub name or even a Tube station or walk/crawl by its name.
  • There is a special button called "Find nearest pub" if your GPS is turned on this button option will show you the nearby top London pub
  • This app requires iOS 8.0 and higher versions and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

#4 Pub Crawl Web Summit

This app is available in the Apple store. This app is well known for its Night networking app for the Pub Crawl events that took place in the Web Summit 2015 technology event in Dublin, Ireland.

Pub Crawl Web Summit application for iPhone allows you to locate the pubs in Dublin where you can involve in Night Networking while you relax with a beer.

  • This app provides you with the list view of numerous pubs in Dublin
  • A descriptive pub representation with pictures, address, map to locate, phone number, website, email, etc. All of these are available
  • There is an easy tap to call option and tap to email option available.
  • You get map routes to reach the pubs
  • Special feature is that Map view of the preferred pubs with filters is available.
  • Easy "Find a pub near me" option.
  • Allows sharing the pub info that you are about to visit
  • Twitter streaming and social media posting options available.
  • This app requires iOS 7.1 or higher versions, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

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