Which one is best for you: MacBook Pro 15 Or MacBook Pro 16?

People face a great deal of confusion when they have to choose one between MacBook Pro 15 and MacBook Pro 16. You can only prefer the finest one if you know the difference between them. No doubt, everything has some pros and cons and before purchasing anything you should know about them. 

If you are not aware of the difference, then read this blog. Here, we have provided detailed analyses of these two Mac products. It will help you to choose the best one of these two. 

Let’s get started...

We have divided this into 5 parts:

  1. Specification 

  1. Features 

  1. Design 

  1. Pricing 

  1. Pros and cons

It will help you to understand every single thing easily. 

Specification of the MacBook Pro 15 and Pro 16

If we talk about 15-inch pro, then it can be limited up to 32 GB where a 16-inch pro can configure up to 64GB. Both are equipped with 9th generation and i7 processor. The processor may go up to i9. There are many other medium specifications mentioned below in a table. 

MacBook Pro 16
MacBook Pro 15

Operating System

macOS 10.15.1 (build 19B2093)
Mac OS Sierra


1 Processor, 8 Cores, 16 Threads
1 processor, 6 cores,12 Threads


50-60 Hz
50-60 Hz

MacBook 16 pro has better speakers because it has more than 6 highly defined speakers. 

Features of MacBook Pro 15 and 16 

Considering the keyboards, then recently apply to blow the mind with the magic keyboard. And it is assembled in the MacBook Pro 16 where in MacBook pro 15 has butterfly keyboard. Though, most of the people love the latest magic keyboard. 

These keyboards fully solved the keyword related problems. Still, many people face the problem regarding thermal but apple solved that too with the thermal design boast. 

It is also predicted that in the new version of MacPro, the processor will run fast as more than its clock speed and the best part is that it can hold up for more than 10 to 15 hours. 

Design comparison between MacBook Pro 15 and MacBook Pro 16 

Undoubtedly, both are attractive in looks and design. You can get them in two colour white and grey. The 16-inch display has a resolution of 3072x1920. It shows the density panel at 226 pixels-per-inch (PPI). However, the 15-inch pro has a low resolution of 2880x1800 at 220 PPI. 

The most attractive part of the Mac is bezel of the display. 

MacBook Pro 16
MacBook Pro 15


0.64 inch (1.62)

0.61 inch (1.55 cm)


14.09 inch ( 35.79 cm)

13.75 inches (34.94 cm)


9.68inch (24.59 cm)

9.48 Inches (24.07cm)


500 nits

These are the design comparison that clearly shows that 16 inch Mac pro stands on the first position. The most fascinating part is that custom refresh rate. It is not available on MacPro 15 but you can have them in 16 inches.

Now, let’s have a look at the price of these two Mac Pros

Price comparison between early 19 pro (15 inches) and recent 19 pro (16 inches)

MacBook 15 Pro- £ 1,299.00 to £ 2,799.00

MacBook 16 Pro- £ 2,399 to £ 2,500

You can see that the price of Apply MacPro 16 is pricy as a comparison to MacPro 15. The reason is due to additional features that can boost the user experience. 

Pros and cons of the MacBook 15 pro and MacBook 16 Pro

MacBook 15 Pro


  • High Retina Display 

  • Powerful Speaker 

  • Light in weight 

  • Strong battery life 

  • RAM and Processor cannot be replaced 

  • The battery is stuck between all models 

  • No SD card slot 

  • No Mac Safe connector 

Macbook 16 Pro



  • Fast MacBook pro ever 

  • Great specs for CPU and Video 

  • Accommodates more RAM 

  • Beautiful Displace with magic keyboard 

  • Not user Upgradable 

  • You have to decide the RAM and IS during purchasing 

  • Only 4 USB-C or thunderbolt ports

  • Not Ethernet jack

In our opinion, both are perfect and it depends on your needs. However, if you choose the latest one, then it may be pricey, but you can afford it either with your savings or if you cannot wait to have this one, then you can opt for an instant loan. In that case, you do not have to worry about your credit score. You can opt for bad credit loans as your choice. In these loans, you may get easy approval even with a less-than-perfect credit score.

Now, the problem of money is solved. Go and check which one would be the best for you, MacBook Pro 15 Or MacBook Pro 16?

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