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Dubai is the hub for companies and investors to put their money and earn a hefty sum in return. The prime geography, as well as the futuristic vision, is what makes Dubai so great. There are the benefits likes the expat-friendly atmosphere, no taxes as well as low import duties. Dubai has risen on top in the list of most prosperous cities around the world in the last 40 years.

You will find giant corporations having HQs here in Dubai as its the best place to have all your brains and power. Dubai multi-culture has over 200 nationalities. It’s a safe and friendly environment to work and raise a family. With all the progress that Dubai is making regarding its economy, these numbers will only be progressive in future. Most recent researches have revealed that out of 500, 196 Fortune companies are in the Middle East and African region. A whopping number of 138 companies have their HQ situated in Dubai.


Commercial Real Estate and Dubai:

Commercial real estate is a sound investment that never backfires. To many people, commercial real estate means only offices, but that’s not entirely true. Commercial real estate also indulges in shops, retail stores, schools, hospitals etc. To invest in the commercial sector is smart more, to invest in Dubai’s commercial sector is the most intelligent. Shopping malls, industrial warehouses as well as high-end hotels also come under the category of commercial real estate, and it’s a very profitable investment. The demand for commercial real estate and its scope of success is ever increasing in Dubai. With over 20,000 thousand companies, this demand will never cease.

Business Bay, Dubai Marina, Barsha Heights, Al Quoz, and the towers situated at Sheikh Zayed Road attract the most businessmen. They all prefer these prime locations to set their offices.

With VAT as low as 5% some of the areas like Arjan and Sustainable City are also in high demand, as there are no service charges or any hidden charges attached to their price. Hence their popularity grows every year.


Dubai’s Retail Market:

The commercial sector may feel like the offices are dominating it, but that’s not true as well. The retail industry is pretty strong in Dubai, as well. If you consider the international ranking, Dubai is among the top cities that is a thriving retail hub. With the biggest and most successful malls in the world, there is no doubt that it will keep rising. These malls are the major attraction for tourists from around the world. Dubai has become the ultimate shopping destination for all.


Industrial Sector Dubai:

Offices and retail are the only factors that make commercial real estate; a majority of commercial real estate is owned by the industrial sector as well. Dubai is the hub of some of the massive developments of the world. With colossal infrastructure, amusement parks, recreational centers and sky-high towers as well as developments like indoor theme parks, Palm Jumeirah and The Dubai eye, you need the labor, labor camps, warehouses. This is what makes the industrial sector of the commercial real estate. In a city that never stops building, that never stops creating, and the industrial sector is bound to be stronger than anything else. You need warehouses, factories, showrooms as well as adequate spaces for labors to settle in. There is no way that the industrial side of the commercial real estate will ever dim in Dubai.


Commercial Properties in Dubai and VAT:

All offices, retail shops, warehouses, showrooms car park and labor camps have been implemented with VAT from January 1st 2018. Many people are confused as to who is responsible for paying the VAT. The client is responsible for paying the VAT (Value Added Tax), but it’s the responsibility of the owner to get it done through the client. The owner is held responsible for giving the VAT invoice to the tenant if the responsibility falls in the hands of the tenant, and the tenant disappears then the blame will be on the head of the owner. Which is why, it’s essential that owners register for VAT as soon as possible to clear any confusion.

As Dubai grows, the demand for its real estate increases. The environment of Dubai, with its multicultural atmosphere, safety, security and never-ending developments, it continues to shine as the beacon of future leadership. The commercial sector is flourishing at the moment, and it will keep doing so in the next couple of decades.

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