7 Tips to Get More Traffic with Small Exhibition Stand

We all are well aware of the phrase that ‘big is beautiful’! But, if you have attended an exhibition, then you can say that even a small size 6m high trade booth can grab the attention of people. Well-designed trade show exhibit displays can create a long-lasting impression on trade show visitors.

All you need to implement creative ideas and use the targeted concept while designing your exhibition stand. The good ideas can help you to build a stunning exhibition stand that can leave a good first impression on your potential customers.

Therefore, even a small space exhibition stand can drive a good volume of traffic to your potential customers. A bespoke exhibition stand can increase your brand awareness and also help to get a good return on investment. Well, there are various tips and tricks to get more customers with small size trade booths.

Here, in this post, I am going to share a few tips to maximize your success rate with the help of a small size exhibition stand.

1. Attend Right Event

Before booking a space for your trade booth, always make sure that you are going to attend the right event for your products and services.

Once you have picked the right event like exhibitions London, the next step is to make yourself familiar with the layout of the event floor.
It will let you find the perfect space for your booth. Always pick the area with high visibility and also make sure that it is the right fit for your small stand.

2. Take Inspirations

You should visit various other trade shows and observe various booths and their designs. Collect some ideas from different trade shows and implement them while designing your own trade booth.

When you visit a trade show, take a notebook along with you and note down all those things that you like, don't like and what is amazing.

Also, watch out for the number of products have displayed by the exhibitors on their booth. Now, convey all these details to your exhibition stand designer and tell him to incorporate these ideas into your trade booth.

3. Efficiently Utilize Your Space

Well, this means that have to understand the available space on the trade show floor and how you fit your trade booth in this space? Usually, people can not envisage 4mx4m space.

Here is a trick for you, mark an area with 4mx4m and ask some people to stand inside the marked space. This way you will have the right idea of available space. Also, efficient space utilization means that you will not squeeze down large equipment into a small stand.

Make sure that there should be proper space in your exhibition stand for air circulation and your staff members can freely move around. So, never try to fit big size elements inside your small booth.

4. Design a Unique and Memorable Trade Booth

On the trading floor, there will many other exhibitors and some of them may also competing for the same products or services. If your stand looks similar to your competitors, then how will your potential customer choose you.

Therefore, it is very important that your trade show booth design should be unique. Think creatively and try some unique designs for your exhibition stand. Also, do brainstorming and reflect your brand essence through multi-sensory experience at your exhibition stand.

5. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

The optimum lighting system will help in inviting your potential customers to your trade booth. It helps the people in the trade show to recognize your booth easily. So, if you want to stand out then use a good lighting system in your trade booth and shine out.

There are different types of lighting systems that can enhance the good atmosphere in your stand. Also, your potential customers can see your products on display without any problem.

6. Exhibition Stand Should Be Flexible

We all know that the exhibition stands are very costly. Therefore, your trade booth should be flexible enough so that you can use it in various trade shows like upcoming exhibitions in London.

You should invest in something that offers flexibility and represent your brand efficiently. We recommend you to invest in a modular exhibition stand as they are capable to create a buzz during the trade show and can be used again and again by doing little modification.

7. Manned With Skilled Staff Members

The skilled and experienced staff members can help you in attaining success. As you have a small exhibition stand, therefore, you cannot send all team members on the trade show floor.

So, you should pick up the best members of your team that can perform well.  Also, if possible then train your sales staff members so that they can help you to get good sales.

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