Voice Over: Expectations vs Reality

Most videos on the internet come with a narration that allows people to perceive the content better. Just like it is important to maintain the quality of the video and the content, it is equally essential to ensure that the voice-over is clear, audible, and understandable. Hiring voice artists for this purpose is an inconvenient process. There are more accessible and affordable options coming up, such as text-to-speech online software. The functionality and convenience that this software delivers make the process of making voice-overs comparatively much simpler than hiring someone to do it for you. In this article, you will get to know the issues that one faces while creating voice-overs and which option will help you regulate these issues.


The pitch of one’s voice is quite essential when it comes to conveying certain emotions and ideas through a voice-over. Getting the pitch right, thus, is a crucial step in creating a voice-over. Conveying the exact pitch of voice you are looking for to a voice-over artist is a challenge. On the contrary, a text-to-speech website like Speechmax allows you to choose from the sample voices of several individuals to get your best fit.


Voice modulation is again something you cannot specify to an individual beforehand. Yet if you ask your voice artist to redo a narration, it will take you more time and money. In a text-to-speech website, you will find the option of choosing the pace at which a narration gets recorded along with choosing the type of voice. These customizations will give you a wide variety of options.

Editing Of Voice Over

If you get a voice-over from a voice artist, you will also require a sound engineer to edit out the background noises and glitches. However, with AI-powered text to speech converter software, you will get noise-free narration with little to no errors. 


The time it takes to create each component of your video adds up to determine how long it takes you to post new content. If you want to create videos routinely and frequently, then you will save a lot of time and worries by choosing to create a voice-over on a TTS website. If you do not like one narration, you can get another almost immediately. The audio here also requires minimum edits. With the traditional method, recording audio, finalizing it, and then editing it takes a lot of time.


Talented voice artists who produce good work are quite expensive. And so is the cost of sound engineering. However, with a TTS website such as Speechmax, you can get the facility of producing a voice-over for free - just by typing the script in the textbox. A few features require payment to unlock but it is nominal compared to the other method. Thus, opting for TTS will save several bucks.


TTS is so accessible and easy to use that it has become the go-to option when it comes to recording voice-overs for videos. It is simple, highly effective, and very convenient when it comes to costs. You must be aware of this wonderful option and its benefits. 

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