Event Planning: 5 Steps to get started


Spoiler alert! You will be getting some real insights on event planning, finance, event management, and marketing. So if you're interested in it. This is the place for you. 

Every event is unique in itself which requires optimized attention as per the needs. Whether an event is small or large, it doesn't matter but event planning in itself is a huge task. Starting from deciding the budget, building a team, constructing a framework for event advertising, and getting an audience, all must be accounted for before actually starting with the event.


So, interested in learning about event planning more?

Let's get going then.


Step 1: Get Your Priorities Set

You don't want to get off track from your aim right? So, the first task is to get your goals and preferences sorted. For instance, you want to promote a new launch. Here you might be interested in getting more audience and signups for it. So, your primary goal here can be getting more audience.

Then, after setting your primary goal, you need to list out your secondary aims, like venue, registrations, on-day signups, etc.


Step 2: Event Budget

Let's face it. You need money for a successful event. So, getting finance for it is of the essence.

Now, if your event is small or you are funded by sending firm, then it's all good. But in some cases, you will have to look out for fundraising.

How to get funds for the event?

·        Sponsorship: 60% of businesses are of the opinion that sponsoring an event is way better for their promotion. So all you have to do is to pitch them into sponsoring your event.

·        Event ticketing: you can sell tickets for your event which will be supporting your finance. Note. This works when your event is tempting.

·        Online donations & Crowdfunding. This works for many charity events where people and CRO companies will tend to donate.


Step 3: Team Formation And Event Designing

After realizing the budget, start building your team and work on event designing.

To build a great team you need to ensure that every field of your event is covered by your team members. For example, you would want to have the treasurer, event designer, marketing expert, logistics expert, etc.

You must be through with the flow of event and sort out all sub-event that will be your attractions for one major event. So design it well and ensure your crowd realizes that your event is worth attending.


Step 4: Set Your Venue

Firstly, you need to first decide, whether your event will be online or offline. Then you can start your setup and form a great venue that will be attractive and worth remembering.

Note: Ensure that you appeal to some common public attractions like a photo-booth (both online and offline events can go for it..online events can set up special filters for it)


Step 5: How to get more audience? Gotcha!

Now, the troublesome part, attracting an audience/crowd. Now here you need to ensure that you appeal to the right section of people. You don't want to end up wasting your resources on uninterested public.

The next part comes is pitching them into joining. There are a lot of offline as well as online event advertising platforms from where you can get your event promoted. So, make your decisions accordingly


This is the foundation of any event planning. All you need to do now is work on these basics and create a great event.

Stay Safe!! | Happy Eventing!!

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