Understanding Satta Matka Terminology


So you plan to invest money in matka games from Kapil matka and satta matka OTG? But, first ask yourself are you aware of the matka work terminology? What is farak, Jodi, patti/panna? If your answer is no, we have something for you. In this article you can learn about matka game terminology that will help you understand the conversation between you and the dealer. Satta matka OTG site, for instance, use some of these terminologies to announce results and make statements. 

Satta Matka Terminology for Players:

Single: Single is a term used to refer to any digit between 0-9. If you invest in single digit, you may want to know when the dealer announces the result whether you number as won or not. So, it is an important to term to remember. 

Farak: The term farak means the difference between the open and close results. Let us try to understand this with an example. Suppose the winning pair 74, and then the farak would be 7-4=3. 

Matka: Matka is a game in which a chit of random numbers is put in an earthen pot. The dealer put a random chit from the pot and announces the winner number.

Cycle Patti: Cycle Patti or CP is the last two digits of a Patti game. Let us again try to understand this with an example. Suppose the 234 is the Patti, then 34 would be the cycle Patti. So, next time when the dealer announces cycle Patti you know that it’s the last two digit of Patti.

Jodi: Jodi or pair refers to two digit numbers such as 76, 58, 29 and more. 

SP/DP/TP: Single Patti (SP), double Patti (DP), and triple Patti (TP) refer to the times a similar number is present for instance, 234, 226, and 222.

Patti/Panna: Patti/Panna terms are referred to three digit winning number that is usually announced after betting. 

Open Result and Close Result: The betting results are announced in two parts – open and close. The open result refers to the first part of the betting result, while the close result is referred to the second and final part of the result. 

So, these are some of the terms that you may come across playing jua online. Satta matka is a popular gambling game in India and is not legal. People still play it secretly for it brings fun, excitement, and opportunity to win money with zero efforts. Adults are advised to play the game with all safety measures. Many players have lost all their money to satta matka games for the game involves heavy losses. 

There are satta matka games to play online that may help multiply money. Some of these sites include Satta Matka OTG, Kapil Matka, Matka Boss, and more. These sites are easily accessible. The terminologies of satta matka game mentioned in this article will help you better understand the working of the site and put money accordingly. Jua is a game of luck. You may win or lose and there is no science to solve the luck. 

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