Learn How to Compose Smart Gmail Account


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Gmail smart compose

It is important to note here that the features of Gmail on mobile devices and computers are different from each other’s. However, some features of computer are most useful and when you will turn on these features, then you can get good results from these features. In this blog, we will discuss about a famous feature of Gmail that is available on both computers as well as mobile browsers. Yes we will discuss about smart compose while using Gmail PVA accounts. When you will turn on this feature for your Gmail account, then you should be suggested next words for making correct paragraph of your emails. Having this feature, you can use best and correct words for your emails.

How to turn on this feature on web?

It is easy to use Gmail smart compose while using web browser on your computer. Some years ago, the numbers of computer users were more than from mobile users.  However the users of mobile devices are increasing. But here we will discuss that how we can turn on this feature on computer web browser.

1.       Visit on Gmail app on your computer.

2.       For settings, click on wheel icon in your Gmail app.

3.       Press on general section in the settings and then select smart compose.

4.       When you will choose smart compose, then there will be the option of turning on writing suggestions.

When you will turn it on, then smart compose will be automatically start on your computer Gmail app. Now next words will be appear on your screen when you will start to compose an email and it is effective for both composing an email as well as giving reply to emails. However, if you want to stop smart composing feature, then simply choose above steps and now turn off your smart composing.

Smart composing of Gmail on Android mobiles

As we discuss above that smart composing is that feature which could be used for computers as well as mobile browsers. However, now we will discuss that how it is possible to turn on smart composing feature of your Android mobile devices. Because the use of mobile devices is increasing for using Gmail app. And it is due to reason of best features of mobile devices. It is real fact that as time passed the facilities for social media users are also increasing. However, following tips could be used for turning on smart compose on Android.

1.       Open your Gmail account on your Android browser.

2.       On the left top side, press on icon for viewing settings option.

3.       Click on Google email account for proceeding.

4.       There will be the option of smart composes on your Android app, so turn it on for using it in future.

Now smart compose option is available for your Gmail account on your Android app and you can use it as much as you want. For using this option, you will be provided better words for completing your paragraph. If you thing that it is best word for your paragraph then only click on this word, but if it is not matched, then carry on your composing.

Important tips for smart composing

If you want to use smart composing feature, then it is important to keep in mind some facts about this feature. The main fact about this feature is that, it is only available for English language. As you know that Gmail offered its services in more than 70 languages. But smart compose is available only for English language users. If you are not getting this feature, then you should update your Gmail account. Because it is not available in old Gmail accounts.

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