An interesting Biography of Amitabh Bachchan


Who is Amitabh BachChan?
Amitabh Bach Chan is an actor from India. A creator and host, who has entertained the audience in several movies. In India, he was born in Allahabad. Sherwood College is where he received his education. He began his career in the Indian industry. He worked in many Indian movies. Amitabh-Bach Chan was devoted to work. The Indian government provided him the Padma-Shri.
Bach Chan is a very famous personality. He is encouraging in the subcontinent and recognized in Europe, the Middle East, and different Asia countries. Amitabh is also a politician. He took back from acting and started his career in politics. After that, he returns to their Indian industry to continue his acting career. He worked in different movies and owned his name.

Television appearances:

Amitabh Bach Chan appeared in 2000 on TV to host a TV show. This TV show goes very famous. Most people appreciate him, the first season began in 2000, and the second season began in 2005, but due to some health problems, its cut was short by Amitabh. He knows for his deep, baritone voice. He also worked as a singer. Amitabh also worked as a voice actor.
Amitabh started his acting career in 1996. Although, Saat Hindustani was his career’s first movie. His first significant success came from the film "Zanier." Initially, he seemed to be a failed actor, twelve films flop and two hits, but after time passing out, he became very famous.

As a host:

2000 is the year when Amitabh Bach Chan started his famous and well-known show KBC. He worked as a host, and now still, he is host in this show. On July 3 be hosted the first episode. This show provides a chance to earn millions of rewards or money. The first season show ended on May 6, 2001. The shows go viral and very famous throughout the world. From the first season, many people are earning money. The fact is that they have been giving the opportunity to avail of this chance.

The second season started and had renamed as KBC-2, which means (kaun banega crorepati). During this period, the price increased to two crores. That was an excellent chance for the people to earn and avail of this amount. In 2006, during this period, Amitabh became ill, the star plus ended.  His final episode was finishing in August 2006 January. The show was then moving from channel star and to Sony TV; it was October 11/2010. All seasons have been hosting by bacchant. The 12th session began in year 202, and now it is 2021. This lucky platform is hilarious, and the game knows as a fortune-telling game.

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Final verdict:
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