Financial Advisor Lawyers in Chicago at the Edge of the Supply and Demand Shocks

Current times are causing a significant impact on supply and demand chains. Due to that, the worldwide economy is declining. That means that businesses of all sizes and consumers are being conservative, to say the least, using, investing, and spending their money. But before the pandemic hit the markets, financial traders had already closed huge deals for commodities around the globe. 

And, despite the good intentions of buyers and sellers to pay their debts and deliver the goods, the reality is saying a different thing. On the other side of the story, new transactions of futures are also being affected.

What happens to the supply chains?

Supply chains are being affected by 2 major situations. Firstly, the absence of workers due to disease, new roles of people at home, or mortality. Secondly, limitations in mobility and transportation. That avoids that workers can move around freely. Also, the quarantine and lockdowns limit the schedules to work. Currently, agriculture commodities are some of the most affected as there are not enough workers to collect. Regarding the oil, we can see how their prices are going down due to the decrease in demand. Each type of commodity is experiencing its own bump. 

What happens to consumers?

Consumers are reducing their spending due to fear and uncertainty. Besides, the lockdown doesn´t let them go out to spend their money. Also, many of them are being laid-off due that their employers had to shut down. 

Consequently, many clients are requesting legal support to handle the situations. Counsel and legal advice may include being sued, breach of contracts, canceled or failed investments, and others. In the USA, the most specialized financial attorneys are usually spread around the cities where the CFTC has regional offices and that includes Chicago. 

Moreover, the city of Chicago is base of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBT). Moreover, the city gathers a numerous group of financial advisors Due to that, a Chicago commodities attorney along with Financial Advisor Lawyers in Chicago are currently at the top of their game. 

However, there are different types of commodities and each group is facing its own circumstances. They include agricultural, energy, metals, and added more recently cryptocurrencies. In all cases, prices go up and down and the pandemic doesn´t allow to stabilize the prices or the production.

The regulatory frame

In most cases, the rules for commodity exchange are well set. But new circumstances are forcing policymakers to adopt new measures to cover the effects of the pandemic. New regulations are being aimed at slowing down the effects of the contagion. That includes taking care of the sicks and increasing the health capacity system. Also, providing bonuses and subsidies to the weakest sectors as well as increasing liquidity.

The transition

Currently, we are experiencing a sort of transition and commodity prices are highly volatile. Also, changes in the regulatory frame. In this sense, a Chicago commodities attorney would be the best option to help navigate all those circumstances. And, the counsel can start at the beginning of the process by having financial advisor lawyers in Chicago counseling clients who are willing to invest in the market. 

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